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Provision of solar power forecasts for solar park in India

Power forecasts for generators of wind and solar power in India

Avoidance of penalty fees due to scheduling deviations

The growing share of renewable energies in the energy mix of many countries increasingly turns the focus towards grid stability. Precise predictions play a central roll here for weather-dependent generation sources and input from wind and solar power. On a world-wide level, grid operators issue strict prediction requirements which obligate the operators of wind and solar parks to deliver precise predictions for power generation. For deviations between predictions and actual production, plant operators are in some cases faced with considerable penalty fees, which can negatively effect returns. In order to prevent such contractual penalties, many world-wide leading electricity providers put their trust in the services and know-how of energy & meteo systems.

This is also the case in India: since 2016, several states have issued prediction requirements, obligating wind and solar park operators to provide the respective grid operator with scheduling details for power generation. For this, they may engage the services of a Qualified Coordination Agency (QCA) or fulfill their prediction requirements under their own direction. In case of imprecise predictions, power producers may incur fees.

In this market environment, energy & meteo systems has developed to become a leading prediction provider in a short period of time. Today, we deliver our power predictions to more than a dozen large electricity providers as well as to several QCA's. The predictions here cover wind and solar parks with a total capacity of several gigawatts. With its expertise in SCADA connections, energy & meteo systems also supports multiple plant operators in the recording of real-time data, thus leading to a particularly exact very-short term prediction.

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