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Virtual power plant for marketing of flexibility from biogas plants

Marketing of flexibility with the Virtual Power Plant

Biogas Power Plant Network

A further example of the broad spectrum of possible implementations of the Virtual Power Plant is our cooperation with Alpiq. The Swiss electricity generator and energy service provider uses our Virtual Power Plant to connect biogas facilities, forming a power plant group with marketing flexibility in the German intraday and day-ahead markets: energy production is increased or decreased by remote control depending on the price signal in order to optimally utilize the chances for return.

Alpic increased the flexibility of biogas installations through retrofitting additional thermal power stations and gas storage. In order to take the operational state relevant for marketing completely into account, the Virtual Power Plant not only displays the current power of the existing pool of power generating facilities, but also the current level of gas storage. This way, the amount of biogas reserves can be integrated into the planning of marketing strategy.

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