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Centrales éoliennes et ligne électrique : prévention de la congestion du réseau

Prévention rentable de la congestion du réseau

The cost-efficient prevention of grid congestion is a core function of FuturePowerFlow. The results of the network analysis of the customer's grid are used to calculate the necessary measures on the individual plant level. In addition, FuturePowerFlow takes into account the requirements received from upstream or downstream grid operators via the standardized communication interfaces.

The platform uses the flexibility potential of the individual plants to eliminate congestion and keeps the number of affected plants to a minimum. Taking into account the available plants, the optimizer developed by energy & meteo systems calculates the necessary measures for the efficient elimination of a bottleneck within a few seconds.

Plant Scheduling

FuturePowerFlow is characterized by numerous communication interfaces to upstream and downstream grid operators as well as directly to responsible plant operators. This enables the platform to quickly initiate the scheduling of flexibility requests or even to carry them out itself. With regard to the control of individual assets, energy & meteo systems has an extensive experience in the real-time control of thousands of plants through its Virtual Power Plants.

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