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Dominican Republic launches Solar Power Generation Forecasting Service

pv magazine (Latin America), 7 February 2020 – The grid operator "Coordinating Body of the Interconnected Electric System (OC-SENI)" of the Dominican Republic has announced the launch of the Solar and Wind Power Generation Forecasting Service. According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEMRD), the platform was developed by the German company energy & meteo systems.

"With adequate forecasts, based on state-of-the-art technologies, we take control of what would happen in the short, medium and long term with the supply of wind and solar energy, not only to make better use of them but also to meet market demand with strategic and timely responses," said Energy Minister Isa Conde.

The general manager of OC-SENI said that the service allows to receive in advance the hourly estimate of energy production for a horizon of 72 hours.

Emiliano Bellini / pv magazine (Latin America)


Additional explanations to the project

As a result of the project "Support for the improvement of short-term forecasts of renewable energies in the Dominican Republic" managed by the Energy Transition Project from the GIZ, the need for a centralized forecast for the grid operator "Organismo Coordinador del Sistema Eléctrico Nacional Interconectado (OC-SENI)" was identified. To support this need the GIZ has launched a second project "Centralized Wind and Solar Power Forecasts" in which energy & meteo systems will provide during 12 months a day-ahead and intraday forecasts of solar and wind power. With this the OC-SENI has the possibility to gain experience and identify the advantages of a centralized forecast generated according to the state of the art.

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