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energy & meteo systems and Alpiq implement new reporting requirements for wind parks

Oldenburg, 28 October 2019 – For wind parks directly connected to high voltage grids, new reporting requirements according to the System Operation Guideline (SOGL) for planning and real-time data have been in effect since 1st October 2019. As the first suppliers in Germany, the energy service provider energy & meteo systems and energy group Alpiq have integrated the SOGL into the direct marketing process. In this context, the automatic exchange of data between plant and grid operators for a substation in the 50Hertz control zone was realized.

In meeting the new reporting obligations as required by law according to SOGL, the innovative direct marketer Alpiq provides a pragmatic solution in cooperation with energy & meteo systems, its technical and administrative service provider. In coordination with 50Hertz, energy & meteo systems made significant contributions in co-designing the reporting processes and integrated them into its system solutions. The Oldenburg IT specialist for power predictions and virtual power plants incorporates measurement data and non-availability of wind parks via existing field and system interfaces, enhancing it with newly calculated variables such as forecasts. This way, plant operators save additional costs, as the planned and unplanned standstills no longer have to be covered in parallel in several systems at once.

Forerunner for Redispatch 2.0

With the successful implementation of the new reporting requirements for planning and real-time data, the partners continue in their contributions to the further integration of wind and solar parks in the market, making a large step in the direction of Redispatch 2.0, which is to be introduced in October 2021 at latest. Redispatch 2.0 is an industry solution launched in June for bottleneck management in the German electricity grid. Up to now, only larger, conventional generating facilities with power capacities of more than 10 MW were effected by Redispatch. In the future, installations are to be incorporated starting at 100 kW. The expansion of participants obligated with reporting requirements increases the amount of data and requires automated data exchange processes between plant and grid operators. With their solution for transmitting reporting data according to SOGL, Alpiq and energy & meteo systems have laid the tracks for it and offer the same advantages to wind park operators and transmission grid operators alike.

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