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Suncast - reliable solar power prediction for direct marketing or network operation


The Reliable Solar Power Prediction

Precise predictions of the solar supply for direct marketing or grid operations are a core competency of energy & meteo systems. With the Suncast prediction system, we deliver you with reliable predictions around the world for the expected solar power at those locations.

We forecast data for your project up to 10 days in advance and at a time resolution of up to 5 minutes. All data is administered centrally from our servers in Oldenburg and transferred to you via the Internet in current electronic formats.

Our many years of close cooperation with the global market leader in photo-voltaic inverters, SMA Solar Technology AG, enables us to access the measurement data of tens of thousands of reference systems worldwide. This allows energy & meteo systems to evaluate and constantly improve solar power predictions at the highest level.

Suncast: the Facts
  • solar power prediction for
    • entire countries world-wide
    • designated balancing areas
    • individual states and countries
    • individual photovoltaic farms
  • time range: 0 to 10 days
  • time resolution: 15 minutes to 1 hour
  • shortest-term prediction Intraday, update every 15 minutes
  • several updates per day
  • electronic transmission in all major formats
  • optional: integration of online measurement data to optimize the prediction
  • Prediction of the actual or theoretical power supply incl. taking limitations into account imposed by the grid operator (EinsMan)

Suncast: an Operational Prediction System

Energy providers, power traders and grid operators can use Previento to integrate fluctuating wind power input into their day-to-day business economically and with technical efficiency.

The foundation of Suncast's solar power prediction stems from the irradiation data and numerical weather predictions of various weather services. From these parameters, a power prediction is determined for farm aggregations, individual grid areas, entire regions or countries. Moreover, our power predictions are continuously optimized for difficult weather conditions including extreme events such as fog, snow or Sahara dust.

Our evaluation is based on the measurements of tens of thousands of reference systems. We guarantee that this data stays as up-to-date as possible by comparing the current state with projections of various market research institutes. Further tools such as the KombiBox, which optimally weighs individual irradiation predictions, and a statistical calculation procedure ensure that Suncast predicts solar power with a high degree of precision.