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Previento – reliable wind power prediction


The Reliable Wind Power Prediction

Precise forecasts of wind energy input for direct marketing or grid operations form a core compentency of energy & meteo systems. With our prediction system Previento, we deliver reliable predictions to you at any location or region around the world for the expected wind power at that location.

We forecast data for your project up to 10 days in advance and at a time resolution of up to 5 minutes. All data is administered centrally from our servers in Oldenburg and transferred to you via the Internet in current electronic formats.

Previento: the Facts
  • prediction of wind power for
    • entire countries worldwide
    • designated balancing areas
    • individual states and counties
    • individual wind farms
  • time interval: 0 to 10 days
  • time resolution: 15 min. to 1 hour
  • shortest-term-prediction: 0 to 6 hours
  • optimal combination of different weather models
  • ramp event prediction: point in time, duration, amplitude and rate of increase
  • multiple daily updates of the prediction
  • prediction uncertainty on well-defined confidence levels
  • electronic transmission in all major formats
  • optional: integration of online measurement data to optimize the prediction
  • Prediction of the actual or theoretical power supply incl. taking limitations into account imposed by the grid operator (EinsMan)

Previento: an Operational Prediction System

Energy providers, power traders and grid operators can use Previento to integrate fluctuating wind power input into their day-to-day business economically and with technical efficiency.

In contrast to other systems, Previento additionally calculates the appropriate uncertainty of the individual forecast situation along with the actual prediction value. This is because the forecast accuracy varies with the weather situation.

The wind power power prediction system developed by energy & meteo systems is based on an optimal combination of various weather models, on the integration of conditions in the wind farm's local environment as well as on numerical forecasts.

The foundation of a precise wind power prediction is a good weather forecast. Previento uses weather data from all leading weather services and utilizes their individual strengths for a qualified wind power prediction.

A complex calculation model gives Previento the ability to predict with a high degree of accuracy. The basis of the calculation is numerical weather data from various weather services. From these, Previento calculates an initial wind power prediction which, in a second step, is then optimized by the so-called KombiBox. The KombiBox procedure takes those predictions stronger into account which show the least prediction error in the corresponding weather situation. The result is convincing: a new, significantly improved wind power prediction.