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Marketing balancing energy

Marketing Balancing Energy

secondary and minute reserve capacity of decentralized plants

Renewable energies are increasingly contributing to ancillary services. This market until now has been firmly in the hands of conventional generators. But now even small decentralized plants are able to provide balancing energy. Thus, many of the smaller and fluctuating plants can today also reliably deliver primary, secondary and minute reserve capacity. The core piece is the Virtual Power Plant from energy & meteo systems that combines decentralized power generation plants such that they can maintain a certain flexibility together. As turbine power can be automatically and precisely throttled, the Virtual Power Plant together with, for example, wind energy plants, offers negative tertiary control and thus balances over-production.

The Virtual Power Plant for the Supply of Balancing Energy

As a central marketing and control software, the Virtual Power Plant supports the supplier in the entire value chain of the balancing energy market, starting with the modelling of technical systems, including provision of prequalification documents and a web portal for communication with the plant operators, over the subsequent balancing group management to revenue accounting.

Ancillary Services

The comprehensive control system also includes the complete communication technology with the transmission system operators and the technical plants, all connections meet the very high safety requirements respectively exceed.

In view of the trend to economically integrate smaller and smaller decentralized systems into the Virtual Power Plant and thus to enable participation in the reserve markets, all processes are designed for a high number of plants.

Besides biogas, biomass, gas-fired power plants or wind energy plants also lithium-ion batteries and industrial loads are already operatively controlled from the control room. The integration of other technologies, such as solar power, in the balancing energy portfolio is the next step for the progressive "Energiewende" (energy transition).