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Virtual Power Plant for trading renewable energy: direct marketing of decentralized generators

Our Virtual Power Plant

for the direct marketing of distributed generators and storage

With our Virtual Power Plant, we offer you a carefree package so that you can concentrate entirely on trading with electricity from renewable energies and storage systems at the intraday, spot and balancing energy markets. Through the digital networking, monitoring and remote controlling of installations (wind and solar plants, storage and further generating technologies), the Virtual Power Plant can be optimally implemented for direct marketing and for marketing balancing power. Many leading aggregators have continuously valued our powerful and thought out technology.

Your Advantages in Power Trading
  • Real-time monitoring of all production data, load profiles and forecasts
  • Direct marketing of renewable energies to the electricity market: issuing of detailed schedules for optimal energy trading on the spot and intraday markets
  • Realisation of remote control capability for all renewable energy power plants
  • Making system services available such as primary (FCR), secondary (aFRR) and minute reserve (mFRR) power according to TSO requirements including dedicated lines to TSO
  • Implementation of remote controllability for all renewable energy installations
  • Efficient integration of reliable solar and wind power predictions and electricity price forecasts
  • Certified connection to EPEX Spot via API (M7, ComXerv)
  • Avoidance of balancing group deviations through cost efficient control of own pool

Use Cases

Virtual Power Plant connects geothermal plants

The energy provider Pure Energy uses our Virtual Power Plant in Turkey among other things for the integration of geothermal energy plants.

Our Virtual Power Plant supports the French power producer CNR in the direct marketing of solar and wind power in the French electricity market

Our Virtual Power Plant for the French electricity provider CNR is especially adapted to the specific requirements of the French electricity market.

Wind farm in Germany provides ancillary services via virtual power plant

Statkraft has put its trust in our Virtual Power Plant for years in optimally direct marketing wind power from an economic standpoint.


CNR/Frankreich: Vertragszeichnung für die Fernsteuerung von Solar- und Windparks in Frankreich

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