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emsys solar box for remote control of solar power plants

emsys Solar Box

simple remote control of solar power plants

The easy-to-install emsys Solar Box ensures a smooth and cost-efficient implementation of the remote control of solar power systems according to § 36 EEG 2014. After its delivery, we issue proof of ability to control remotely and integrate it optimally into direct marketing.

The emsys Solar Box includes a router to establish a secured VPN connection to our servers and Virtual Power Plant software. Software is installed on the router which receives setpoint values and writes these to the digital input signal fields inside the Einspeisemanagement-System (§ 14 EEG 2014) of the solar power plant. Moreover, the software reads the current power of the solar plant and makes it available to the Virtual Power Plant.

If the connection to the Virtual Power Plant fails, then any possible scheduled down regulation is disregarded to prevent loss of production due to connection problems. The emsys Solar Box is pre-configured and delivered by us according to the current state of technology. The installation is carried out by the plant operator. The operator can either make available an existing, stable internet connection with a data flatrate or we will deliver an emsys Solar Box with an integrated LTE-SIM card.

Requirement for remote control

A prerequisite for remote control via the emsys Solar Box is for measurements to be recorded via one of the following data loggers:

  • Janitza Energiemessgerät
  • Meteocontrol Blue'log
  • Meteocontrol WEB'log (oder baugleichen Kaco Powador-proLOG, Aurora Easy Control Pro von Power-One oder IBC Solar WEB'log)
  • SMA Cluster Controller Typ CLCON-10
  • SMA Datamanager M
  • SMA Inverter Manager
  • SMA Power Plant Controller
  • SolarLog

Moreover, the implementation of the Einspeisemanagement-System (§ 14 EEG 2014) should take place through one of the following control devices:

  • SMA Power Reducer Box
  • SMA Cluster Controller
  • SMA Power Plant Controller
  • Meteocontrol WEB'log*
  • SolarLog with Firmware >= 3.2 and without „Modbus TCP Feed-in management Licence"**

Moreover, Emerson central inverters can be controlled and port forwarding can be set up via an agreed modbus TCP or IEC IEC 60870-5-104 data point list.

If you are interested in an emsys Solar Box, simply fill out the expression of interest and send to

* or those of similar build: Kaco Powador-proLOG, Aurora Easy Control Pro by Power-One or IBC Solar WEB'log.
** Solar farms with a SolarLog and "PMPaket", i.e. I/O-Boxes with PM profiles or a Modbus-PM-License require a new additional direct marketing license by Solare Datensysteme which is not part of the emsys Solar Box. The emsys Solar Box can be used here as a router.