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The energy & meteo systems team is committed to the integration of renewable energies.

energy & meteo systems

dynamic and innovative

energy & meteo systems is among the internationally leading providers of power forecasts and Virtual Power Plants. With our service, we substantially contribute to the efficiency of integrating renewable energies into power grids and energy markets. Our tailor-made platform FuturePowerFlow for grid management ensures as a flexible complete solution grid stability.

We predict more than 50 % respectively 40 % of world-wide installed wind and solar energy power and provide reliable estimation of the current solar power supply. By optimally combining these power predictions with our individually customizable Virtual Power Plant, fluctuating, distributed power sources can be reliably integrated into the energy grid and profitabably marketed at an energy exchange.

Our services are made use of by grid operators and power traders from Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Since 2004, energy & meteo systems has been engaged in research and development projects in power forecasts, grid operations, power trading and load management. Together with our partners at home and abroad, our approximately 120 highly motivated employees work towards groundbreaking and marketable solutions and consistently promote a climate-friendly and secure energy production.

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