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Wind farm on the meadow - commitment to renewable energies

Our Responsibility

for people & environment

In addition to protecting the environment, we see our responsibility to society as comprising the fair treatment of employees as well as the promotion of children and youth education.

With our product and service portfolio, we make it possible for the customer to increase energy efficiency and thus positively impact the environment. In so doing, we look at the overall aspects of our customer's concerns, always keeping our eyes focused on the usage of resources.

We also set an ecological example for our team. We give out bicycle gift certificates, prefer the train to flying and ensure a healthy working environment with organic fruit. Fair working conditions, high transparency and our own employee satisfaction stand in the forefront for us.

Last but not least, it is important to us to support projects which benefit children and youth education and to accustom them to handling energy responsibly (e.g. the children's book fair, KIBUM, and Mobile Klimaschutzschule Oldenburg)

For the Oldenburg climate protection school, energy & meteo systems has developed a computer model especially tailored to a specific target group. Here, youth can playfully practice the intelligent managment of fluctuating electricity production from renewable energies: "How efficently do I use energy at home?"

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