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Wind farm on the meadow - commitment to renewable energies

Our Responsibility

for people & environment

For us, social responsibility includes protecting the environment as well as social interaction with our employees and the promotion of educational projects and sporting activities.

With our portfolio of products and services, we enable our customers to increase their energy efficiency and thus have a positive impact on the environment. In doing so, we take a holistic view of our customers' concerns and always focus on the responsible use of resources.

We also exemplify ecological values to our team. We offer bicycle leasing, prefer train travel to flights and ensure a healthy supply of organic fruit and primarily vegetarian or vegan dishes in the company canteen. Fair working conditions, great transparency and a high level of employee satisfaction are our top priorities.

It is also important to us to support educational projects, especially for children and young people. After all, education is a prerequisite for the responsible use of energy. But we also promote sporting activities - and not just on our own beach volleyball court. 

The sponsored institutions include

Dt. Alpenverein Sektion Oldenburg – Routensponsoring


Johanniter Unfallhilfe e.V. – Lehrmaterial "Ersthelfer von morgen"

Everstener Brunnenlauf

Mobile Klimaschutzschule Oldenburg*

KIBUM (2013-2019)

For the Oldenburg climate protection school, energy & meteo systems has developed a computer model especially tailored to a specific target group. Here, youth can playfully practice the intelligent managment of fluctuating electricity production from renewable energies: "How efficently do I use energy at home?"

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