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Research and development for the energy transition

Research and Development

advancing the energy transition

For over 15 years, our technologies have set new standards in the successful integration of wind and solar energy. The foundation of our success is the continuous work in research and development.

Whether under our own direction or in cooperation with partners, we develop innovative solutions for the diverse challenges faced in the decentralization of energy systems.

Here, our focus is always on providing IT-based services to grid and plant operators as well as to energy providers and electricity traders for applications in the energy economy.

Project examples

Electricity pylons in front of sunset

The SPANNeND project is researching a method for integrating reactive power potential from the distribution grid into the transmission grid management processes.

Biogas plant for flexibility generation

The project deals with optimizing methods for simultaneous trading on different energy markets. The focus is on renewable energy devices.

Minimize icing of wind turbines by icing forecast

In the context of the PiB research project, an intelligent operational management to reduce the risk of wind turbine icing is to be researched.

The energy supply for this cold store in Cuxhaven is controlled by the Virtual Power Plant.

In the project eTelligence our Virtual Power Plant bundled electricity from renewable energy plants and placed it on the power market as a tradable product.

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