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The energy supply for this cold store in Cuxhaven is controlled by the Virtual Power Plant.

eTelligence & Virtual Power Plant

Trading in Renewable Energies

Bundling electricity from renewable energy into our Virtual Power Plant and placing it on the energy market as a marketable product is explored in the eTelligence project, which is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. eTelligence brings together electricity producers, consumers, energy service providers and power grid operators on a regional marketplace.

Chart eTelligence

In the model region of Cuxhaven, electricity producers (wind, photovoltaics and biomass) are coupled with consumers who serve as either energy storage facilities or can flexibly adapt their electricity consumption to the generated power. Taking the example of a refrigerated warehouse: in times of wind surplus, deep-frozen fish can be cooled down to up to minus 24 degrees centigrade. In times of wind calm, cooling can be turned off until the temperature has risen to minus 18 degrees centigrade. Sewage treatment plants, swimming pools and private households are also participants in the system of intelligent integration of renewable energies into the power grid.

energy & meteo systems has developed a complete Virtual Power Plant for eTelligence, from the technical grid connection of individual facilities via integration to providing market connections.



eTelligence Konsortium

The eTelligence consortium is comprised of partners from science and research, the energy sector and IT specialists. The consortium is led by the Oldenburg energy provider EWE AG.

The project was launched in Autumn 2008; in 2010 a field test began with around 2000 households an selected business enterprises. The field test was evaluated and sucessfully concluded end of 2012.

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