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Grid Load Forecasts | Dynamic Line Rating

Grid Load Forecasts

energy & meteo systems offers unique, grid-oriented predictions which are especially geared toward grid operators. With our predictions of weather-dependent grid loads and power line capacities, we allow transmission and distribution grid operators the ability to plan their operations – and ensure and effective integration of volatile power production.

Vertical Grid Load Forecast

Prediction of power flows

Thanks to a procedure developed by energy & meteo systems, we can very accurately predict the vertical load at grid nodes. In doing so, we take consumption and power production from, for example, wind, solar and hydro power as well as biogas plants into combined account.

These predicted power flows form input data for revised grid forecasts. The resulting proactive identification of bottlenecks caused by various forms of operational infrastructure, such as transformers, and the calculations of predictive power flow based thereon, aid grid operators in operational management.

Current Carrying Capacity Forecast for Overhead Power Lines

Weather-dependent maximum currents

The maximum current in power lines depends on the weather situation, especially on wind speed. Our forecasts give the maximum current carrying capacity for individual stretches of power line.

The maximum current carrying capacity is calculated on the basis of numerical weather predictions as well on further standing data pertaining to the actual transmission lines with the help of the verified IEEE 738 and Cigré TB 207 models.

Moreover, with this procedure, further statistical parameters and concrete evaluations on weather-dependent maximum currents in comparison to estimations of the maximum current carrying capacity of ongoing grid operations can be carried out. Here, uncertainties and areas of uncertainty play an essential role.

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