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Customized software solutions for power traders for efficient direct marketing of renewable energies

Power Traders

Efficient marketing of renewable energies

With our Virtual Power Plant and precise wind and solar power forecasts, we offer power traders an individually tailored package solution for the marketing of renewable energies on the intraday, spot, and balancing energy markets. For years now, many leading companies have put their trust in our technologies in the management of their decentralized pool of systems.

With our Virtual Power Plant we provide for a quick connection of power plants – not only for wind and solar sites, but also for storage systems, biogas, hydroelectric power plants and even conventional power plants. Our wind and solar power predictions for individual plants, portfolios and entire markets as well as input (EinsMan) management predictions are integrated into the Virtual Power Plant and visualized there. Via a direct interface to the electricity markets, the generated power from the group of power plants is marketed directly and efficiently.

Today, our Virtual Power Plant is used in the marketing of several dozen gigawatts of system output – allow yourself to be convinced by the advantages of our services for power trading.

We provide you with individual solutions for a fast and reliable entry into trading with renewable energies.

We are happy to address your questions: tel. +49 441 249 210 or [email protected]

Here is a downloadable, compact overview of our services for power traders:

Flyer Power Traders

Project selection

Wind farm in Germany provides ancillary services via virtual power plant


Ancillary Power from Renewable Energies through Virtual Power Plant

With the first intelligent wind farm in Germany in 2012 and its participation in the 2016 balancing energy market, the energy giant Statkraft and energy & meteo systems belong to the pioneers in the energy sector. Decisive in this regard were the Virtual Power Plant and our power predictions, enabling us to comprehensibly guide Europe's largest generator of renewable energies in its introduction of direct marketing.

Remote Control and real-time Data

The pilot wind farm was the first one …

Virtual power plant for optimal marketing of flexibility

First Virtual Power Plant for Statkraft/UK

Flexibility trading with renewable energies, storage systems and gas turbines

Statkraft, Europe's largest producer of renewable energies, and energy & meteo systems are bundling the fluctuating input from wind and solar power with battery storage capacity and flexible gas motors to form the largest virtual power plant in Great Britain. With the help of battery storage, for example, 80 MW of primary balancing power are made available. Further balancing power is made possible via the gas motors integrated into the virtual power plant. This contributes to the integration of …

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