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energy & meteo systems takes part at high-ranking round table dialogue about Latin America

Roundtabel at latin america dialogue

By invitation of Lateinamerika Verein and the Agentur für Wirtschaft und Entwicklung, energy & meteo systems participated last week in a high-ranking round table dinner and dialogue on "Economy and Development in Transition: a fair, green and digital future – Latin America as a strong partner".


"Ring of Fire" – Partial Solar Eclipse in the USA

Solar Eclipse

The partial solar eclipse on Saturday 14 October 2023 could be seen in the open sky in North, Central and South America, and thus by about 13% of the world's population. However, it will be visible as an annular eclipse only in 10 countries with a maximum coverage of 95.2%.


First Grid Operators Day at emsys

At the first emsys grid services (egs) customer day, the focus was on the topic of grid management (Redispatch 2.0). Almost two years after the Grid Expansion Acceleration Act came into force, egs invited around 50 employees from 25 different distribution grid operators to Oldenburg for a professional exchange.


German IT solution for the evolving Greek electricity market

Factsheet IT solution

Over the past three years, energy & meteo systems and emsys VPP have emerged as leading IT service providers in the Greek renewable energy market. Our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and power forecasting solutions are currently in use by several renowned aggregators and utilities.


Young meteorologists visit emsys

meteorologists at emsys

End of August we hosted a group of 20 students from University of Cologne and the German Aerospace Center in Oldenburg. The young meteorologists deepened their knowledge of energy meteorology and learned a lot about power forecasting.


Direct Marketers' Day 2023 at emsys

Conference at emsys VPP

Inspired by the good response to last year's meeting, emsys VPP again invited to the "Direct Marketers' Day" at the company's headquarters in Oldenburg. On 20 and 21 June 2023, around seventy employees from power traders of renewable energies gathered to exchange views on current developments in direct marketing.


Protergia and emsys VPP officially inaugurate first Virtual Power Plant in Greece

Renewables & Storage Forum in Athens

Oldenburg/Athens, 2 November 2022 – On 21st of October Protergia, the power and gas unit of stock-listed MYTILINEOS S.A. and emsys VPP officially inaugurated at the Renewables & Storage Forum in Athens the first Virtual Power Plant in the Greek energy market.


And yet another solar eclipse affecting solar power production

solar eclipse

Like last year this year again a partial solar eclipse will take place over Europe. On October 25, 2022, this event can be admired, with the moon partially moving in front of the sun during the day. The shadowing begins in the early morning hours over Iceland, extends in the course of the day mainly over Europe and the Middle East and ends at dusk over India.


Intelligent low-voltage grids as the key to the success of the energy transition

Low-voltage line

Low-voltage electrical grids play a key role in the success of the energy, heat and mobility transition. The increasing number of plants for decentralised energy generation as well as more and more electric vehicles and heat pumps will require active or automated grid management at this grid level in the future.


10 years of trading electricity from renewable energies

10 years of trading electricity from renewable energies

emsys VPP took this anniversary of the introduction of the market premium model as an opportunity to invite long-standing customers and companions from the energy industry to a workshop and get-together in our green company oasis in Oldenburg.


energy & meteo systems provides power forecasts for rooftop pv plants in Vietnam

Rooftop pv plant

Since early 2020, energy & meteo systems provides consultancy advice to the GIZ program "Smart Grid for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency" (SGREEE) in Vietnam. On behalf of SGREEE, energy & meteo systems started to transfer know-how in rooftop pv forecasting to Vietnam as well as to deliver in a pilot project rooftop pv forecasts for more than 1 GW of installed capacity.


Ylenia is followed by Zeynep – Two gale-force lows generate a lot of wind energy in Germany

Gale-force low over populated area

As a result of the shift of the low-pressure system Ylenia from Scotland across the North Sea and southern Scandinavia to the Baltic States, there was a very high feed-in to the German power grid of up to 46 GW of wind energy. On its southern flank and in connection with a cold front of the depression, severe squalls and gale-force winds could be registered in many parts of Germany. At sea and on the mountains, there were even hurricane-force winds (Bft 12).


Public Private Partnership in Argentina on Virtual Power Plant and power forecasts successfully concluded

Online meeting

A final workshop marked the end of our successful project with the Argentinian system operator CAMMESA and GIZ Chile, within the framework of the develoPPP funding programme, which GIZ implements on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The goal was to transfer knowledge on the Virtual Power Plant, power forecasting and grid load forecasting to Argentina and Latin America to support a successful energy transition.


energy & meteo systems concludes consulting project on solar and wind power forecasting in Kenya

Windpark Lake Turkana Wind Power

energy & meteo systems has concluded their consulting services within the GIZ project "Power System Readiness for Variable Renewable Energies in Kenya". This involved conducting dissemination workshops on international best practices in power forecasting, as well as a thorough assessment of the Kenyan solar and wind power forecasting system and providing of hands-on recommendations how to improve it.


Heavy gale causes massive storm shutdowns of wind turbines in the USA

Hurricane in the USA causes power cuts

Only a few days after numerous destructive tornadoes formed in the USA, a powerful low pressure system moved across large parts of the country on Wednesday and Thursday, causing the production of wind power regionally to temporarily collapse. energy & meteo systems informed its customers several days in advance about the impending storm and its possible effects.


50Hertz launches redispatch with renewable energy with support from emsys VPP

emsys VPP supports redispatch 2.0 by 50Hertz

Things are moving forward: on 1 November, 50Hertz implemented the financial settlement for the redispatching of renewable generating units which are directly connected to the 50Hertz grid, called Redispatch 2.0. The official processes of the Federal Network Agency were applied for this settlement. emsys VPP was involved here in extensive tests with several direct marketers.


emsys VPP and energy & meteo systems provide Virtual Power Plant and power forecasts to WATT+VOLT

Solar park

Oldenburg/Athens, 22 September 2021 – The Greek energy provider WATT+VOLT has contracted the German IT companies emsys VPP and energy & meteo systems to provide their Virtual Power Plant and power forecasting services to its new established aggregator unit. This new business unit will expand WATT+VOLT's service portfolio which includes trade and supply of electricity and natural gas.


energy & meteo systems spins off successful Virtual Power Plant and Redispatch business units

emsys company building

Oldenburg, 17 June 2021 – One becomes three: The Oldenburg-based energy service provider and software developer energy & meteo systems GmbH has spun off its Virtual Power Plant and FuturePowerFlow (Redispatch 2.0) business areas into the newly founded companies emsys VPP GmbH and emsys grid services GmbH as of 1 June 2021.


Annular Solar Eclipse over the Northern Polar Region and the Northern Part of Europe

solar eclipse

An annular solar eclipse will occur on June 10 mainly over the northern polar region and also the northern part of Europe. In the course of the morning the sun will partly be obscured by the moon projecting a shadow onto earth that is moving from east to west. In Germany, the event proceeds from 11 to 14 CET with a maximum coverage of 21% in the north and 5% in the south.


KOS, KOV and City-USE cooperate on Redispatch 2.0 and agree to use the FuturePowerFlow software from energy & meteo systems

Power lines - Safe grid operation with FuturePowerFlow.

Oldenburg, 1 June 2021 – The flexible all-in-one solution FuturePowerFlow from energy & meteo systems is establishing itself with more and more network operators: By means of the municipal utility cooperations KOS, KOV and City-USE, several dozen municipal and community utilities in Bavaria have agreed on a joint software service for the implementation of Redispatch 2.0 requirements.


energy & meteo systems supplies Virtual Power Plant and power forecasts to MYTILINEOS' Power & Gas Business Unit Protergia

Wind energy plants in Greece

Oldenburg/Athens, 13 April 2021 – In preparation for the nascent Greek intraday and balancing market, MYTILINEOS S.A. has contracted energy & meteo systems. The German energy service provider supplies its Virtual Power Plant combined with accurate power forecasts to MYTILINEOS' Power & Gas Business Unit Protergia.


Sahara dust inhibits European solar production

Milky hazy evening sky over Schleswig-Holstein on Monday, 22.02.2021

Last weekend, a storm over Algeria stirred up huge amounts of Saharan dust into the atmosphere. Between high air pressure over southeastern Europe and an Atlantic low, the dust particles were transported across the Iberian Peninsula and France to Germany, which had effects on the European solar production.


New solution for new challenges in Redispatch 2.0 – N-ERGIE Netz GmbH uses flexible software service from energy & meteo systems

Redispatch 2.0 - power poles and wind power plants

Nuremberg/Oldenburg, 7 January 2021 – The future rules for integrating renewable energies into the grid pose major challenges for German distribution system operators, but also offer scope for new solutions. N-ERGIE Netz GmbH now relies on the new redispatch platform provided by energy & meteo systems as a pure software service.


Polar Air Advance in the USA – Wind Turbines in the Ice

The occurrence of freezing rain has an impact on electricity production

At the beginning of this week, a surge of cold polar air shifted south over the USA and led to a massive freezing of wind turbines unusually early in the season. At peak times, the total production loss was around 20 GW. The occurrence of freezing rain as well as the effects on electricity production are difficult to predict. Nevertheless, energy & meteo systems integrated this phenomenon into the power forecast.


Noticeable effects of the wildfires in the Western USA on solar production in Germany

Forest fires affect solar production in Germany

On 12 September 2020, a phenomenon similar to the effect of Sahara dust in the atmosphere could be observed over parts of Germany leading to a reduced solar power production. The forest fires in the Western USA generated soot particles that were hurled to high altitudes and then transported by the jet stream to Central Europe.


Well prepared for Redispatch 2.0: E.ON relies on innovative platform solution from energy & meteo systems

Redispatch 2.0 - power poles at sunset

Oldenburg, 17 September 2020 To implement the new Redispatch 2.0 requirements, nine distribution system operators of the E.ON Group are relying on the know-how of energy & meteo systems. The German energy service provider provides an innovative software solution for the complete Redispatch 2.0 system.


Predicting the power of offshore wind farms more accurately

Offshore wind farm - Optimise power forecasts with WindRamp

Oldenburg, 14 September 2020 – Strong changes in wind speed within time periods of less than half an hour are called wind ramps. To improve their prediction, a project consortium including energy & meteo systems wants to use laser beams to measure the wind far ahead of the wind farm and thus develop an observer-based wind power forecast.


Virtual Power Plant in Turkey integrates geothermal plants for the first time 

Geothermal plant

Oldenburg/Istanbul, 1 September 2020 – For the first time, geothermal plants with an installed capacity of 103 MW were recently added to the Virtual Power Plant in Turkey operated by Pure Energy. With this step the Turkish power trader and energy & meteo systems, the German provider of the Virtual Power Plant technology, have reached the next milestone in their collaboration.


Reliable power forecasts for the largest solar parks in the world

Solar park Kurnool. Copyright Greenko

Oldenburg (Germany), 29 June 2020 – In the sunny south of India, the Pavagada solar park covers a remarkable area of 53 square kilometers and ranks currently with a total output of around two gigawatts second place among the world's largest solar parks. Since the beginning of 2020, energy & meteo systems has been forecasting the power generation of this park for the companies Tata and SB Energy – two of the largest operators of the park, which together are responsible for around 700 megawatts of plant capacity.


energy & meteo systems delivers solar and wind power forecasts to the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic uses power forecasts

With immediate effect, energy & meteo systems will deliver day-ahead and intraday forecasts for a period of twelve months for four solar and nine wind farms with a total capacity of 557 MW to the transmission system operator OC-SENI of the Caribbean state.


Launch of weather-dependent dynamic line rating 3.0

Transmission line

Oldenburg/Stuttgart, 20 January 2020 To make more efficient use of the existing power grid, the transmission system operator TransnetBW and the energy service provider energy & meteo systems have jointly defined meaningful locations for real-time monitoring of overhead lines in the TransnetBW network area.


Groundbreaking digitization project for European grid operators

wind power plant and power poles

Oldenburg, 13 December 2019 – With its project FuturePowerFlow for grid operators, the software developer energy & meteo systems is one of seven German and in total 75 European companies selected last week by the European Innovation Council as worthy of funding. Thanks to the exact planning of the grid integration of renewable energies for a period of 48 hours, grid operators will for the first time be able to detect impending bottlenecks in the electricity grid at an early stage and take proactive countermeasures.


energy & meteo systems and Alpiq implement new reporting requirements for wind parks

Oldenburg, 28 Oktober 2019 – As the first suppliers in Germany, the energy service provider energy & meteo systems and energy group Alpiq have integrated the SOGL into the direct marketing process.


Energetically sophisticated building for energy service provider

head-office energy & meteo systems

Oldenburg, 18 September 2019 – Two slides, colorful lamps and walls, round corners, tapering halls – the new building moved into by energy & meto systems is not only uncommon when seen from a technical and architectural standpoint.


CNR and energy & meteo systems have signed a contract to remote control solar and wind power plants in France

contract signing cnr and emsys

Lyon/Oldenburg, 27 June 2019 – CNR, the first French producer of exclusively renewable energy, and energy & meteo systems have signed a contract in order to stop and restart wind and solar power plants in case of negative prices.


Virtual Power Plant and battery storage provide system services

Oldenburg, 17 May 2019 – A new battery storage system by the public utility company Bordesholm has, for the first time, reached a primary power control level (FRR) of 10 MW upon its implementation in the Virtual Power Plant by energy & meteo systems. Moreover, the combination of battery and Virtual Power Plant is applicable to other flexibility markets.


Statkraft and energy & meteo systems – First virtual power plant to integrate renewable power, storage and flexibility assets in the UK

London/Oldenburg, 5 March 2019 – Statkraft, Europe's largest provider of market access services, and energy & meteo systems are connecting intermittent wind and solar generation with battery storage capacity and flexible gas engines in one virtual power plant in UK.


energy & meteo systems successfully concludes project for wind and solar power predictions in Mexico and Central America

develoPPP final panel

With its two technical workshops in Mexico City and San Salvador, energy & meteo systems successfully concluded a Public Private Partnership (developPPP) on wind and solar power predictions.


energy & meteo systems obtains ISO 27001 certification

Good news for customers of the software developer energy & meteo systems with critical infrastructure. The company, which specializes in the integration of renewable energies into power trading and electricity grids, obtained its certification according to ISO/IEC 27001:2017 from PwC Certification Services GmbH in Berlin.



energy & meteo systems successfully completes project contracted by GIZ

A newly developed simulation tool is to aid the South African energy provider Eskom in grid planing as well as in meeting the demands of future power production. In the process, the company will address the massive development of rooftop solar installations in South Africa.


Improved icing prediction for wind farms thanks to comprehensive data analysis

Wind farm operators especially in the USA and Scandinavia will be pleased. The icing prediction from energy & meteo systems profits from even more precise predictions by the new partner project PiB, "Predictive, intelligent operational control for reducing the risk of icing for wind energy turbines."


New Virtual Power Plant features presented

At the E-world energy fair from 6-8th February 2018, energy & meteo systems presented the new Virtual Power Plant features. On a large-scale touch screen, interested guests could become acquainted with the new emsCom product, how throttling techniques are analyzed as well as with our virtual portfolios.


Wind and Solar Power Predictions in El Salvador and Mexico

The expanding dynamics of renewable energies in Mexico and Central America is increasing the pressure to respond to changes made by incorporating professionally developed forecast models as the basis for planning and ensuring system stability.

Download Icon

Workshop on the topic of forecasts for renewable energies

The distribution grid operator DelSur and energy and meteo systems executed the second phase of the program DeveloPPP by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, which engages in the promotion of innovative projects in developing countries in order to bring medium and long-term advantages to society.


Volatile but predictable: Forecasting renewable power generation

The share of electricity from weather-dependent wind and solar energy in the German power mix keeps growing. That puts pressure on the electricity sector to be much more flexible in managing power demand and supply.


Weather forecasts aim to make renewable power predictable

The rise of volatile wind and solar power in the share of Germany's electricity generation means that keeping the grid stable becomes an ever more complex – and potentially costly – task. Predicting how many renewable megawatts will be fed into the network at any given moment is key to a safe and efficient management of the electricity network.


Virtual Power Plant listed at EPEX Spot (M7, ComXerv)

The Virtual Power Plant by energy & meteo systems has been licensed for connecting to the EPEX Spot per API interface (M7, ComXerv). Active immediately, customers using our Virtual Power Plant can trade their energy quantities directly at the EPEX Spot in the continuous intraday market. Via the integration of order books as well as other useful trading functions, operations can be executed directly on the market and without serial interfaces.


Offshore lays claim to base load in Germany

energy & meteo systems and the consulting company Consentec were commissioned last year by the Federal Ministry of the Environment to examine the impact of the planned offshore wind capacity on the secondary and tertiary reserve energy of the national electricity system.

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