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Third Direct Marketers‘ Day – 70 experts from the energy sector exchange ideas at emsys

emsys Direct Marketers‘ Day

This year's invitation to the third emsys Direct Marketers' Day was again well received by the industry. Around 70 experts from the energy industry gathered at the company's headquarters in Oldenburg on 11 and 12 June 2024 for a packed program of presentations on balancing power, redispatch, reactive power and forecasting.


20 years, one goal: 100 % renewable energies!

20 years emsys - summer party at night

Last Friday, we celebrated our 20th birthday together with our employees, their families and some of our companions at a wonderful music festival in our garden. We started on 1 June 2004 with the aim of supporting the integration of renewable energies and thus enabling a climate-friendly energy supply.


'Future Day' at emsys: Pupils discover the world of renewables

Future Day at emsys

On yesterday's ‘Future Day’, we gave twelve pupils aged 10-15 an insight into our company. The pupils explored, for example, the effects of the angle of inclination of the solar cells or natural influences such as snow cover or cloud cover on the energy generation of solar systems.


Successful E-world with great interest in pioneering IT solutions

E-world Booth

Once again E-world has been an overwhelming experience. We have enjoyed so many conversations with long-standing customers, but also with new power traders, plant operators and grid operators from many countries who are interested in our digital services.


emsys against right-wing and for cosmopolitanism

demonstration against right-wing

As a company, we take a clear stance against racism, xenophobia and marginalisation. We stand for cosmopolitanism, tolerance and respect. We take these values for granted and it is sad to have to emphasise them. However, we do not want to remain silent in the face of the strengthening of right-wing ideas in Germany.


Arctic cold comes to North America – Good forecasts preserve the power grid

Wind turbines in freezing temperatures

When ice and cold reduce the feed-in on windy days by several gigawatts, good power forecasts, which precisely take into account icing and shutdowns due to low temperatures, are essential for a stable power grid. energy und meteo systems analyzed the weather situation at an early stage and prepared its customers for its impact on power production with the help of a wide range of advance information.


International Best Practices in Solar and Wind Power Forecasting

Solar and Wind Power

How should a solar and wind power forecasting system be organized? Which factors influence the accuracy of power predictions? On behalf of GET.transform energy & meteo systems authored a report on international best practices in solar and wind power forecasting, wrapping up key conclusions from our 20 years of experience as a leading international power forecast provider.

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