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Demo gegen rechts

emsys against right-wing

As a company, we take a clear stance against racism, xenophobia and exclusion. We stand for cosmopolitanism, tolerance and respect. We take these values for granted and it is sad to have to emphasise them. However, we do not want to remain silent in the face of the strengthening of right-wing ideas in Germany.

We have people from over twelve nations working together constructively to advance renewable energies worldwide. It doesn't matter to us what passport, migration history or religion our employees have. We see it as an enrichment for our company when people from different cultural backgrounds contribute their experience. In addition, well-trained employees, even without a German passport, are an indispensable support for us in the face of labour shortages. Diversity therefore strengthens us in every respect.

The recent revelations about the unspeakable deportation plans being forged by right-wing movements in Germany, particularly the AfD, have also shaken us. We expressly support the non-violent protests and demonstrations that are directed against xenophobia and in favour of strengthening democracy.

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