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Protergia and emsys VPP officially inaugurate first Virtual Power Plant in Greece

Renewables & Storage Forum in Athens

Oldenburg/Athens, 2 November 2022 – On 21st of October Protergia, the power and gas unit of stock-listed MYTILINEOS S.A. and emsys VPP officially inaugurated at the Renewables & Storage Forum in Athens the first Virtual Power Plant in the Greek energy market.


And yet another solar eclipse affecting solar power production

solar eclipse

Like last year this year again a partial solar eclipse will take place over Europe. On October 25, 2022, this event can be admired, with the moon partially moving in front of the sun during the day. The shadowing begins in the early morning hours over Iceland, extends in the course of the day mainly over Europe and the Middle East and ends at dusk over India.


Intelligent low-voltage grids as the key to the success of the energy transition

Low-voltage line

Low-voltage electrical grids play a key role in the success of the energy, heat and mobility transition. The increasing number of plants for decentralised energy generation as well as more and more electric vehicles and heat pumps will require active or automated grid management at this grid level in the future.


10 years of trading electricity from renewable energies

10 years of trading electricity from renewable energies

emsys VPP took this anniversary of the introduction of the market premium model as an opportunity to invite long-standing customers and companions from the energy industry to a workshop and get-together in our green company oasis in Oldenburg.


energy & meteo systems provides power forecasts for rooftop pv plants in Vietnam

Rooftop pv plant

Since early 2020, energy & meteo systems provides consultancy advice to the GIZ program "Smart Grid for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency" (SGREEE) in Vietnam. On behalf of SGREEE, energy & meteo systems started to transfer know-how in rooftop pv forecasting to Vietnam as well as to deliver in a pilot project rooftop pv forecasts for more than 1 GW of installed capacity.


Ylenia is followed by Zeynep – Two gale-force lows generate a lot of wind energy in Germany

Gale-force low over populated area

As a result of the shift of the low-pressure system Ylenia from Scotland across the North Sea and southern Scandinavia to the Baltic States, there was a very high feed-in to the German power grid of up to 46 GW of wind energy. On its southern flank and in connection with a cold front of the depression, severe squalls and gale-force winds could be registered in many parts of Germany. At sea and on the mountains, there were even hurricane-force winds (Bft 12).


Kick-off for Redispatch 3.0 research project with emsys grid services


Together with fifteen partners, including the German transmission system operators and numerous distribution system operators, emsys grid services GmbH is part of the Redispatch 3.0 research project launched in January 2022. The project aims to improve the integration of low-voltage systems and the cooperation and exchange of information between the various grid operators. 


Public Private Partnership in Argentina on Virtual Power Plant and power forecasts successfully concluded

Online meeting

A final workshop marked the end of our successful project with the Argentinian system operator CAMMESA and GIZ Chile, within the framework of the develoPPP funding programme, which GIZ implements on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The goal was to transfer knowledge on the Virtual Power Plant, power forecasting and grid load forecasting to Argentina and Latin America to support a successful energy transition.


energy & meteo systems concludes consulting project on solar and wind power forecasting in Kenya

Windpark Lake Turkana Wind Power

energy & meteo systems has concluded their consulting services within the GIZ project "Power System Readiness for Variable Renewable Energies in Kenya". This involved conducting dissemination workshops on international best practices in power forecasting, as well as a thorough assessment of the Kenyan solar and wind power forecasting system and providing of hands-on recommendations how to improve it.

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