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energy & meteo systems obtains ISO 27001 certification

Good news for customers of the software developer energy & meteo systems with critical infrastructure. The company, which specializes in the integration of renewable energies into power trading and electricity grids, obtained its certification according to ISO/IEC 27001:2017 from PwC Certification Services GmbH in Berlin.



energy & meteo systems successfully completes project contracted by GIZ

A newly developed simulation tool is to aid the South African energy provider Eskom in grid planing as well as in meeting the demands of future power production. In the process, the company will address the massive development of rooftop solar installations in South Africa.


Improved icing prediction for wind farms thanks to comprehensive data analysis

Wind farm operators especially in the USA and Scandinavia will be pleased. The icing prediction from energy & meteo systems profits from even more precise predictions by the new partner project PiB, "Predictive, intelligent operational control for reducing the risk of icing for wind energy turbines."


New Virtual Power Plant features presented

At the E-world energy fair from 6-8th February 2018, energy & meteo systems presented the new Virtual Power Plant features. On a large-scale touch screen, interested guests could become acquainted with the new emsCom product, how throttling techniques are analyzed as well as with our virtual portfolios.


Wind and Solar Power Predictions in El Salvador and Mexico

The expanding dynamics of renewable energies in Mexico and Central America is increasing the pressure to respond to changes made by incorporating professionally developed forecast models as the basis for planning and ensuring system stability.

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Workshop on the topic of forecasts for renewable energies

The distribution grid operator DelSur and energy and meteo systems executed the second phase of the program DeveloPPP by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, which engages in the promotion of innovative projects in developing countries in order to bring medium and long-term advantages to society.


Volatile but predictable: Forecasting renewable power generation

The share of electricity from weather-dependent wind and solar energy in the German power mix keeps growing. That puts pressure on the electricity sector to be much more flexible in managing power demand and supply.


Weather forecasts aim to make renewable power predictable

The rise of volatile wind and solar power in the share of Germany's electricity generation means that keeping the grid stable becomes an ever more complex – and potentially costly – task. Predicting how many renewable megawatts will be fed into the network at any given moment is key to a safe and efficient management of the electricity network.


Virtual Power Plant listed at EPEX Spot (M7, ComXerv)

The Virtual Power Plant by energy & meteo systems has been licensed for connecting to the EPEX Spot per API interface (M7, ComXerv). Active immediately, customers using our Virtual Power Plant can trade their energy quantities directly at the EPEX Spot in the continuous intraday market. Via the integration of order books as well as other useful trading functions, operations can be executed directly on the market and without serial interfaces.


Offshore lays claim to base load in Germany

energy & meteo systems and the consulting company Consentec were commissioned last year by the Federal Ministry of the Environment to examine the impact of the planned offshore wind capacity on the secondary and tertiary reserve energy of the national electricity system.

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