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Polar Air Advance in the USA – Wind Turbines in the Ice

The occurrence of freezing rain has an impact on electricity production

At the beginning of this week, a surge of cold polar air shifted south over the USA and led to a massive freezing of wind turbines unusually early in the season. At peak times, the total production loss was around 20 GW. The occurrence of freezing rain as well as the effects on electricity production are difficult to predict. Nevertheless, energy & meteo systems integrated this phenomenon into the power forecast.


Noticeable effects of the wildfires in the Western USA on solar production in Germany

Forest fires affect solar production in Germany

On 12 September 2020, a phenomenon similar to the effect of Sahara dust in the atmosphere could be observed over parts of Germany leading to a reduced solar power production. The forest fires in the Western USA generated soot particles that were hurled to high altitudes and then transported by the jet stream to Central Europe.


Well prepared for Redispatch 2.0: E.ON relies on innovative platform solution from energy & meteo systems

Redispatch 2.0 - power poles at sunset

Oldenburg, 17 September 2020 To implement the new Redispatch 2.0 requirements, nine distribution system operators of the E.ON Group are relying on the know-how of energy & meteo systems. The German energy service provider provides an innovative software solution for the complete Redispatch 2.0 system.


Predicting the power of offshore wind farms more accurately

Offshore wind farm - Optimise power forecasts with WindRamp

Oldenburg, 14 September 2020 – Strong changes in wind speed within time periods of less than half an hour are called wind ramps. To improve their prediction, a project consortium including energy & meteo systems wants to use laser beams to measure the wind far ahead of the wind farm and thus develop an observer-based wind power forecast.


Virtual Power Plant in Turkey integrates geothermal plants for the first time 

Geothermal plant

Oldenburg/Istanbul, 1 September 2020 – For the first time, geothermal plants with an installed capacity of 103 MW were recently added to the Virtual Power Plant in Turkey operated by Pure Energy. With this step the Turkish power trader and energy & meteo systems, the German provider of the Virtual Power Plant technology, have reached the next milestone in their collaboration.


Reliable power forecasts for the largest solar parks in the world

Solar park Kurnool. Copyright Greenko

Oldenburg (Germany), 29 June 2020 – In the sunny south of India, the Pavagada solar park covers a remarkable area of 53 square kilometers and ranks currently with a total output of around two gigawatts second place among the world's largest solar parks. Since the beginning of 2020, energy & meteo systems has been forecasting the power generation of this park for the companies Tata and SB Energy – two of the largest operators of the park, which together are responsible for around 700 megawatts of plant capacity.


energy & meteo systems delivers solar and wind power forecasts to the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic uses power forecasts

With immediate effect, energy & meteo systems will deliver day-ahead and intraday forecasts for a period of twelve months for four solar and nine wind farms with a total capacity of 557 MW to the transmission system operator OC-SENI of the Caribbean state.


Launch of weather-dependent dynamic line rating 3.0

Transmission line

Oldenburg/Stuttgart, 20 January 2020 To make more efficient use of the existing power grid, the transmission system operator TransnetBW and the energy service provider energy & meteo systems have jointly defined meaningful locations for real-time monitoring of overhead lines in the TransnetBW network area.

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