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For grid operators: Forecasts and estimates of wind and solar input specifically geared to grid operation

Grid Operators

Secure and plannable grid operations

We offer grid operators a service portfolio especially oriented towards the needs of grid operations. With our forecasting systems Previento and Suncast, we provide precise predictions of wind and solar power input for any world-wide location onshore or offshore as well as for control zones or grid node levels.

Moreover, we offer real-time estimations on the current solar power input for many regions world-wide. This delivers valuable information on the behind-the-meter power production from PV plants. Our offer is completed with grid related predictions.

With our pioneering vertical grid load forecasts, we are able to determine the load for individual interconnection points and substations in a grid territory for transmission and distribution grid operators while taking input and consumption into account.

With our meteorological and technical know-how, we can even predict the current carrying capacity in overhead transmission lines according to the weather conditions for individual grid sections.

We would be glad to provide you with further information:
tel. +49 441 249 210 or mail@energymeteo

Here is a downloadable, compact overview our services for grid operators:

Flyer Grid Operators

Use Cases

Precise power predictions for grid stability in the USA


Precise Predictions for Grid Stability in the USA

In the USA, wind and solar farms often cover vast areas with capacities of up to 500 MW. At these sizes, it is essential to be able to react fast to power fluctuations and, if necessary, to down regulate with precision.

DIR: Dispatchable Intermittent Resource

With this goal in mind, the American transmission provider MISO, with over 22,000 MW under its control, introduced the Dispatchable Intermittent Resource (DIR) in November 2010. It is only via remote control and pinpointed down regulation …

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