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Future Day at emsys

'Future Day' at emsys

Pupils discover the world of renewables

On yesterday's ‘Future Day’, we gave twelve pupils aged 10-15 an insight into our company. After the welcome, we started straight away with experiments on photovoltaics. The pupils explored, for example, the effects of the angle of inclination of the solar cells or natural influences such as snow cover or cloud cover on the energy generation of solar systems. 

On a tour of the company, the young explorers were also allowed to take a look behind the doors of our server room. They then took part in a quiz accompanied by our experts to work out which weather factors have the greatest influence on electricity production from renewable energies. The pupils also became time series detectives.

In the afternoon, they learnt the basics of programming in Python independently on laptops. Finally, they took on the role of congestion managers and tried their hand at the challenging task of keeping the electricity grid stable by optimising costs and measures.

The students were enthusiastic and very interested and our colleagues also enjoyed the workshops. We are already looking forward to the next Future Day to immerse more potential young experts in the world of renewable energies.

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