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Biogas plant for flexibility generation

Flexible Production

to use economically

Coupled Optimization of Flexibilities in Energy Production and Consumption taking into account the Coupling to other Markets (Heat)

The project deals with optimizing methods for simultaneous trading on different energy markets. The focus is on renewable energy devices. In addition to optimization problems business models will be developed.

Use Controllability of Plants Economically

So far renewable energy is only traded in single markets. Examples are the direct marketing of wind and solar systems on the one hand, only using day-ahead and intraday markets, and the participation of CHP plants on the balancing market on the other hand. If markets are regarded independently from each other the flexibility renewable energy provides cannot be used in an optimized way.

The task of optimizing different technologies on multiple markets is complex. This is due to the many varying market characteristics and different time frames, which lead to sequential decisions, each with different prediction data quality. Only suitable procedures allow the different market actors an economically advantageous utilization of flexible generation. Therefore, in this project, that was concluded in August 2017, detailed business models were developed based on economic and legal boundary conditions.

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