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Wind farm in the mountains

emsys VPP provides Virtual Power Plant to Kelag

In record time of just three weeks, emsys VPP succeeded in setting up a Virtual Power Plant for the Austrian energy service provider Kelag. Kelag focuses on the generation, trading and distribution of renewable energies and obtains its self-generated electricity exclusively from hydro, wind and solar energy. With the expansion of its aggregator business, the Austrian company is responding to the increased demand from wind and solar park operators for profitable sales of their generated electricity.

Kelag received the market-leading Software-as-a-Service solution for aggregators, which consists of the Virtual Power Plant provided by emsys VPP and precise wind and solar power forecasts from the partner company energy & meteo systems. After the order was placed in October 2021, Kelag had the Virtual Power Plant available on time for the trading launch on November 1, 2021, including digital connection of 30 wind farms. Equipped with this sophisticated SaaS offering for managing renewable energy portfolios, Kelag is able to accurately predict and optimally trade the variable power generation from its own and third-party wind farms.

emsys VPP and energy & meteo systems will continue to provide Kelag with comprehensive support during the current operating phase, which encompasses the continuing integration of additional wind farms.

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