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Virtual Power Plant connects geothermal plants

Direct Marketing in Turkey

Virtual Power Plant connects geothermal plants

Since 2017, Pure Energy uses energy & meteo systems' Virtual Power Plant and power forecasts to bundle wind, solar and hydro power plants. This first and so far only Virtual Power Plant in Turkey enables Pure Energy to monitor, remote-control and optimally trade the energy produced by the connected assets in the dynamic Turkish day-ahead and intraday markets. This optimises Pure Energy's portfolio management while allowing plant operators to benefit from lower balancing energy costs.

For the first time, geothermal plants with an installed capacity of 103 MW were recently added to the Virtual Power Plant in Turkey operated by Pure Energy. Turkey is one of the largest producers of geothermal energy worldwide and is further expanding its share in the energy supply. By connecting geothermal power plants to a Virtual Power Plant they can directly participate in the Turkish power market.

energy & meteo systems takes care of the whole set up and operational functionality of the power forecast as well as the Virtual Power Plant in it's Software as a Service approach (SaaS). This includes plant connection, master data organisation, quality assurance for measurements, development of operator communication and much more. With this solution, customers receive all services under one roof. In Germany, Turkey and worldwide.

Press release: Virtual Power Plant in Turkey integrates geothermal plants for the first time

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