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RegenerativKraftwerk Bremen

RegenerativKraftwerk Bremen

In moving closer to the goal of supplying all energy needs with renewable energy, it is necessary for renewable energy sources to not only deliver energy, but also to perform system services. This means that the sun, wind, water and biomass must be in a position to maintain the supply voltage and frequency - absolutely necessary for a secure power supply.

Virtual Power Plant for System Services

The research work under the name of RegenerativKraftwerk Bremen has found a solution to this by further developing the Virtual Power Plant from a pure energy collector into an aggregator for system services on a local as well as regional level.

Virtual Power Plant for Industry

The project involves supplying an industrial zone of Bremen with renewable energy. On the grounds of the "Altwerk Bremen" lies the headquarters of the Deutsche Windtechnik AG, complete with infrastructure such as office buildings and factory and maintenance halls. The company operates on its premises a wind turbine, a photovoltaic power plant and a thermal power plant. A stationary battery and electric vehicles serve as energy storage. The local power grid is used to balance the amount of electricity such that higher voltage levels are relieved. In addition, the systems are able to support through the balancing markets actively frequency stability.

Company Premises Deutsche Windtechnik AG

In addition, the research project shows that the electricity purchases of an industrial enterprise can be significantly reduced through the intelligent coordination of generation and consumption units. The plant portfolio is used as demonstration for other applications and can be scaled accordingly.

Successful Completion

The research project was completed in August 2014 and has taken great influence on the future developments in this field in particular with regard to the integraton of renewable energies in the electricity markets.

Logo Deutsche WindtechnikThis project was funded by the Federal Minstry of Economy and Energy under grant number 0325230A or B. The research partner in the project RegenerativKraftwerk Bremen is the Deutsche Windtechnik AG.

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