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Low-voltage line


Digitization technologies for the operational management of low-voltage grids

Low-voltage grids (LV grids) are considered to play a key role in the success of the energy, heat and mobility transition. Due to the increasing number of decentralised energy generation and a future increased penetration of flexible consumption systems, especially by electric vehicles and heat pumps, active or automated grid management will be required in this grid level in the future. Based on the analysis of established operational management processes, the digiTechNetz research project is developing the transformation requirements for the LV grid level resulting from the energy transition and deriving innovative concepts for future LV operational management. As an explicit project goal, these are to be sustainably integrated in the future operational management of the LV grid.

As part of the project, emsys grid services GmbH will provide and further develop value-added services for generation and consumption forecasting, as a training basis but also additional power estimations from decentralised energy producers. The methods and procedures for load and generation forecasting already successfully used in the high-voltage and extra-high-voltage grid will be adapted to the requirements of the LV grid within the framework of the project. For this purpose, suitable methods must be found to compensate for missing measured values in the low-voltage grid, for example.

In order to counteract the limited data availability, a first work objective is to analyse existing data from intelligent local grid stations and create sensitivities. Combined with measured values from PV systems and smart metering systems in the LV grid, initial values can be created that serve as a training basis for forecasting the vertical grid load. Furthermore, it will be evaluated whether known standard load profiles can still apply for consumer forecasting in the LV grid or need to be adapted. Suitable methods must be identified in order to be able to forecast consumers in the LV grid.

In addition to emsys grid services GmbH, the project partners of digiTechNetz include SachsenNetze GmbH, SachsenNetze HS.HD GmbH, Robotron Datenbanken-Software GmbH, F&S Prozessautomation GmbH and DigSILENT GmbH. The project, coordinated by the Chair of Electrical Power Supply at TU Dresden, has a total volume of 4.7 million euros. It will be funded for the next three years with a total of 2.5 million euros by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.

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