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Electricity mast - enera, the showcase for the energy supply of the future


Showcase for the Energy Supply of the Future

In 2050, 80% of electricity consumption in Germany is to be covered from renewable energy sources. In order to accomplish this ambitious goal and to drive forward the development required with new solutions, intelligent cooperation is a necessity for all parties involved.

Intelligent Energy Showcase

enera is a part of the development program Smart Energy Showcases – Digital
Agenda for the Energy Transition
(SINTEG) by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The goal is to develop and demonstrate scalable, standard solutions with a high share of renewable energies over large-area "showcase regions" for an environmentally friendly, secure and affordable power supply. The centerpiece of this is intelligent networking of production and consumption along with the implementation of innovative grid technologies and operational concepts. The solutions found are to serve as a model with a wide area of implementation.

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy is promoting five showcases with funds of over 200 million euros in total. Together with the additional investments by companies, over 500 million euros are to be invested in the digitalization of the energy sector. SINTEG is thus an important contribution to the Energiewende. More than 200 companies and other parties, e.g. from scientific research, are involved in SINTEG showcases.

More about SINTEG

The research project was completed in December 2020.

The Partner Network

The partner network enera has been chosen as a model region. By the use of intelligent technologies, this major project aims to organize the power system in North West Germany in a sustainable manner, operating it more efficiently and as a regenerative "giant power plant", thus becoming a model for Germany's "Energiewende" (energy transition). Here, enera operates together with a diverse network of partners from new and classic actors of the energy industry: Initiated by the energy company EWE, those involved in the enera consortium besides energy & meteo systems also include ENERCON, TenneT, Avacon, 3M, SAP, Siemens, RWTH Aachen, Offis and political actors from the model region.

Incubator for the energy turnaround

Two aspects will be the focus of the project: the breaking of established structures, beliefs and approaches on the one hand, and the stability and security of energy supply on the other.
Through technological advancement, networking based on new market mechanisms and with complete digitalization, a stable and economically optimized energy system is to be created in northwest Germany. Thus an incubator for the "Energiewende" (energy transition) emerges from the technical and digital interaction of the power grid, market and data.

Under the scope of the BMWi funded program "Smart Energy Showcases – Digital
Agenda for the Energy Transition" (SINTEG)

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