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Improvement of the wind power forecast


Safely Predict Wind Power

Within the research project SafeWind, energy & meteo systems works towards the improvement of wind power prediction in extreme events and complicated weather conditions.

In order to integrate wind energy into the power grid, reliable weather predictions are of crucial importance. However, difficult weather conditions are especially susceptible to large prediction errors when a front, a low pressure area or pressure gradient has been wrongly forecasted. energy & meteo systems tasks include recognizing forecast errors early enough, providing early warnings to the users of forecasts and, if possible, making improved forecasts available in the short-term.

A further focal point are ensemble forecasts - a model that helps to assess the uncertainty of weather conditions.

The model "error propagation" calculates whether a prediction error, which occurs in a certain region, can repeat itself in other regions and to what degree.

The research project has been concluded end of August 2012.

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