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Successful participation at E-world 2017 in Essen
We thank you for your visit and your interest in our diverse range of services for  integrating renewable energy into both the electricity grids and energy markets.

The need for accurate weather forecasts
Predicting how many renewable megawatts will be fed into the network at any given moment is key to a safe and efficient management of the electricity network. But will power predictions based on weather forecasts ever be good enough for a system fuelled almost entirely by volatile renewable sources? Read more about the challenges on the articles of:
Virtual Power Plant listed at EPEX SPOT
energy & meteo systems has been licensed with its Virtual Power Plant for the EPEX Spot. From now on the customers of our Virtual Power Plant can trade their quantities of energy directly on the EPEX Spot on the intraday market. The authorization for the marketing via the ComXerv interface therefore saves having to use any other software and allows the trader to maximize revenues from its portfolio.