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The energy & meteo systems team paddling a dragon boat.

emsys inside

Welcome to emsys-inside! Here we regularly inform you on what we're up to when not integrating renewable energy sources into the electricity market, making the Virtual Power Plant fit for the future or listening to the gods of weather.

Our range of activities is bursting at the seams: starting with the Dragonboat-Cup, to regular undertakings such as board game evenings or beach volleyball, to such festivities as outdoor ventures and company outings. Have fun looking around the emsys-world!

To get an impression of the emysy-world, please look below at our German emsys inside!


emsys alone at home

As far as our technology is concerned, we have long since taken advantage of decentralization. In the current situation, however, we are suddenly opening up a large number of locations: emsys is in the home office.

In fact, the switch to a home office was very easy for most colleagues. Over the past few years, many colleagues had already set up access points from home so that they could flexibly stay at home for a day. Now the rest of the workforce has followed suit. A few input or output devices were taken along and current work documents were backed up, if they were not available digitally anyway, and our beautiful new office building was already deserted.

The settling-in period was surprisingly calm, as the home office veterans were able to provide assistance with the most common questions. Chat programs and video telephony, which we had also used before – albeit to a much lesser extent – are used for communication as needed. Colleagues who don't have the necessary peace and quiet at home are recently working in an individual office in the company building. Every few Fridays, a non-topic video chat group takes care of socializing.

By and large, the emsys folk have gotten used to the new situation quite quickly. Despite adhering to the no-contact policy, our operations run almost normally. Fortunately, we don't have a Covid 19 case so far and hopefully are able to weather the crisis just fine. Stay healthy!


Get to know us! At the Career Forum at E-world.

One of our favorite trade fairs is just around the corner again: E-world will take place from 11.02. to 13.02.2020 in Essen! For our stand visitors, we are focusing on the topic of Redispatch 2.0 this year, but we are also particularly looking forward to the Career Forum on 13.02. – will we meet you there?

The recruiting event wants to bring students and graduates together with companies and of course we are happy to participate. One of our managing directors, Matthias Lange, will give a presentation about emsys and afterwards we will be available for questions and discussions.

The career forum will take place on February 13 from 09:30 to 14:30 in exhibition hall 4. Registration is free for students. You can find an insight into our current vacancies under Jobs. We would be very happy to meet you in Essen!


Liquid Happiness

We really have a hard time. Our cooks bake the most delicious desserts, but no one dares to use the fancy portafilter coffee machine. In the meantime, however, we have increased the kitchen staff and were finally able to appoint a colleague as a barista.

Since then, the silver machine purrs three times a week at lunchtime and spoils us with all kinds of coffee specialties, which are lovingly served. After fulfilling our caffeine-addicted desires, we start the second half of the day with renewed vigor.


Merry Christmas!

All of a sudden, the year is already over. We wish all readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


St. Nicholas Day

Moving house is one of those things. Despite circulars and forwarding requests, you always have to worry that someone might not have noticed the change of address. But the anxiety has now come to an end: Santa Claus has found us at the new location.

No wonder, after all, his colleagues had diligently placed shoes and cookies in the foyer the night before – how could he resist? Despite the larger area, he did a great job again. A trail of nuts led to a table where he had set up all sorts of sweets, stollen, clementines and tea for us. Presumably, walnuts (and well stuffed employees) will be rolling through the hallways for days to come.


Current Forecast: Children's Books

This year, we are once again taking the opportunity to help shape the future in other ways: We are sponsoring the Children's Book Fair in Oldenburg for the seventh time.

This year, the theme is "Welcome! KIBUM meets Great Britain" under the patronage of book illustrator Tony Ross. In the fine English way, children's books by British authors will be read aloud and staged bilingually. KIBUM 2019 will take place from November 09 to 19 at the PFL Oldenburg. The program and more info are available  here – have fun!


Rooted in the new location

Long before the move, it was already clear that we employees also wanted to contribute something to our new building. In this way, we were able to thank our bosses for the fact that they had not only restricted themselves to practical aspects in months of painstaking work, but above all had a building built for us to feel good in. From the beginning it was clear that we were collecting for a tree. The choice of species, on the other hand, was influenced by all sorts of criteria until the tree committee finally decided on a copper rock pear.

In fact, all colleagues were even able to keep the secret almost in its entirety from our bosses until the deadline, so they received a real surprise from us. Our new 5m tall garden resident was delivered yesterday and ceremoniously installed in front of the building. Now we are looking forward to the first flowering of the pear in April.


Everyone for the climate - including us

The climate protection movement "Fridays for Future" has called for a worldwide climate strike on September 20. Of course, we can't miss it!

On the occasion of the UN climate summit in New York, numerous demonstrations were held across the globe this Friday to uphold the Paris climate protection agreement. At 12 noon, many of our colleagues were therefore gathered at Oldenburg station to join the protest march to Schlossplatz. Our bosses, who are very concerned about this issue, considered the participation as working time.


emsys moves out: Really!

After months of planning, the time has finally come: We have moved into our new building. Goodbye, business incubator – hello, our own building!

On Friday, all colleagues packed boxes and labeled furniture, and on Monday morning from 8 a.m. they entered their new domicile for the first time. Everyone quickly found their new office and all departments settled in enthusiastically. Since the coffee machine had already been installed, the day's work continued immediately.

In the evening, our bosses ceremoniously opened the slide from the 2nd floor and after everyone had tested it, a rally of the building took place where everyone learned the intricacies of the new 'home'. Afterwards, our new chef opened the buffet and we celebrated with families our long-awaited move-in.


Company Outing 2019 – This time on foot!

In July, we were again drawn to our second home on Spiekeroog. Driven by the beautiful weather, our boss decided at short notice to reach the island on foot, because he is a mudflat guide.

Already on Thursday evening, he set out with the most adventurous colleagues to take up the march through the mudflats, which lasted several hours. Around 11 p.m. the hikers reached Spiekeroog and the next morning they welcomed their other colleagues who arrived by ferry.

In our regular accommodation we first had lunch and then we split up according to interest in the different workshops that the colleagues had prepared. We used the opportunity to get a taste of areas that we are not usually involved with and to get to know the projects from the perspective of the other departments. After dinner, we gathered on the beach for a leisurely evening.

On Saturday, after breakfast or brunch, we used the beach for various sports equipment we had brought with us, and from castle moat building to sport kite flying, all colleagues were well occupied. After a final open-air cake buffet, we took the ferry back home around 5:30 pm.


emsys moves out: opportunities of rising

Now that our new building is completely closed, things are getting exciting inside. The large spiral staircase has recently been installed in the foyer.

On all floors, the painters, carpet and parquet layers and, of course, the electricians are busy transforming our building from a mere shell into a cozy and modern domicile. Nothing stands in the way of our moving in this fall.


Sweet Anniversary

Parties are for partying! And, of course, every good party needs a cake. That's what the team thought that lovingly referred to its internal issue tracker as "Pinapple" as it approached its ten-thousandth ticket. Shortly thereafter, a customized "calorie bomb" was ordered and, after all the sparklers were burned, the emsys team gobbled up the exquisite work of art. Thus, all colleagues had their own delicious part of the small anniversary festival.

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