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The energy & meteo systems team paddling a dragon boat.

emsys inside

Welcome to emsys-inside! Here we regularly inform you on what we're up to when not integrating renewable energy sources into the electricity market, making the Virtual Power Plant fit for the future or listening to the gods of weather.

Our range of activities is bursting at the seams: starting with the Dragonboat-Cup, to regular undertakings such as board game evenings or beach volleyball, to such festivities as outdoor ventures and company outings. Have fun looking around the emsys-world!

To get an impression of the emysy-world, please look below at our German emsys inside!


Company outing 2017 – emsys conquers the Isle of Spiekeroog

One of the biggest highlights of the year is the annual company outing. On the first of September the time had at last arrived: we left by bus to the North Sea and then embarked the ferry to Spiekeroog, our favorite Island.

For years we have booked a secluded hotel where the entire emsys-clan can rule as it pleases. The program began with talks by colleagues and we learned about several new topics on developments in software and strategy.

After lunch, as the program began approaching the topic of "surprise", the bosses began rubbing their hands together: everything had been prepared for an energy transition workshop (German: Energiewende). Beside the seminar room was waiting an abundance of construction material and, after a short take of inventory, the colleagues split into groups in order to build wind turbines and similar structures. Feeling totally at home, the emsys team began constructing with wood, cables, Legos, and much more.

Hours later, "Team Weather" was able to to simulate energy sources, while "Team Consumer" had built an illuminated Lego city. "Team Connection" sat with cables and glowing eyes at a laptop in order to connect the project to the Virtual Power Plant. "Team Wind Turbines" impressed with three hardly wobbling wind turbines of various dimensions, including a completely new development in bundling wind power and reached a whopping 0,08 V. "Team Pump Storage Power Plant" had stacked and unreasonable number of banks, producing 4 V via the inclined slope to a self-made water wheel. Team "Wave Power Plant" drove a Lego seaman over and over into his wet death as they generated 0,002 V.

After the "Energiewende" had been successfully introduced (on a small scale), we allowed ourselves the luxury of a comfortable evening on the beach.

On Saturday morning, the teams presented their works to the other groups and earned a befitting round of applause. Thereafter, the entire emsys team prepared themselves for an upcoming scavenger hunt with a large portion of sunscreen. Eight groups were selected and marked with meteorological decal tattoos before each team was equipped with a task list and initial riddle. The strategists secured bonus points for energetic shell pictures, the tinkerers googled for "pile moorings" on the island or pored over a picture puzzle and, soon enough, all colleagues were strewn over the island, storming from station to station.

Five hours later, we conglomerated right on time at the harbour in order to set-off back home. The winners were crowned on the mainland. The third-place team "Sleet" received air-socks; the team "Southwest Wind" came in second place and received mouse pads with offshore wind farms and the main prize, T-shirts with the "emsystemized" Spierkeroog coat of arms, went to the team "Storm Warning".

At 8pm, we had arrived back in Oldenburg and placed the Energiewende constructions in the meeting room. It was a taxing but successful company outing where the organizers had completely earned a final round of a applause.

The grandios summary of the two days was prepared by the team "Video Documentation". Have fun watching!

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