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energy & meteo systems spins off successful Virtual Power Plant and Redispatch business units

emsys VPP GmbH and emsys grid services GmbH go into operation

Oldenburg, 17 June 2021 – One becomes three: The Oldenburg-based energy service provider and software developer energy & meteo systems GmbH has spun off its Virtual Power Plant and FuturePowerFlow (Redispatch 2.0) business areas into the newly founded companies emsys VPP GmbH and emsys grid services GmbH as of 1 June 2021. The company is thus reacting to the dynamic developments in the energy sector and the increased demand for customized software solutions. The business areas of power forecasts for wind and solar as well as consulting services for the international energy market will remain with energy & meteo systems GmbH.

"With the spin-off, we are giving our very successful business units more leeway and freedom. The three companies will of course continue to cooperate closely with each other, but they can also go their own ways in a diversifying market environment," says Dr Ulrich Focken, Managing Director of energy & meteo systems. "We are taking this important step in order to be even better equipped for the future challenges of the digital energy transition. This is also in the interest of our customers worldwide, whom we will be able to address in a more targeted manner in the future," adds Dr Matthias Lange, also Managing Director of energy & meteo systems.

All activities relating to the market-leading Virtual Power Plant, which is provided by the Oldenburg energy experts as a software-as-a-service solution, will in future be managed by the company emsys VPP GmbH. The proven service and the technical contact persons will be retained in full. The Virtual Power Plant technology connects decentralized power generators, storage facilities and controllable consumers via a common control room and is used by numerous energy suppliers and direct marketers to monitor, remotely control and profitably trade aggregated power production.

With the new IT platform FuturePowerFlow, emsys grid services GmbH now offers grid operators an intelligent solution to successfully meet the requirements of Redispatch 2.0 and an increasingly decentralized energy system. The digital all-in-one solution processes enormous amounts of data, such as grid data, flexibilities, generation and load forecasts, and calculates the optimal utilization of grid resources. This enables grid operators to detect impending grid bottlenecks at an early stage and to avoid costly shutdowns.

With its wind and solar power forecasts and consulting services for the global energy industry, energy & meteo systems is one of the leading international providers of forward-looking services and IT products for the market and grid integration of renewable energies.

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