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Factsheet IT solution

German IT solution for the evolving Greek electricity market

Over the past three years, energy & meteo systems and emsys VPP have emerged as leading IT service providers in the Greek renewable energy market. Our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and power forecasting solutions are currently in use by several renowned aggregators and utilities.

Our market entry received initial support by the renewable energy solutions (RES) programme financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Climate Action (BMWK) and coordinated by the German Energy Agency (dena). The RES programme aims to support German companies launching their climate-friendly technologies in new markets.

Today we would like to share a factsheet published by BMWK in English and Greek language which portrays our VPP and forecasting project with our RES project partner Protergia. The energy unit of the Mytilineos group was the first Greek company to use our Software-as-a-Service solution for remote-controlling and trading weather-dependent electricity production from its continuously expanding solar and wind energy portfolio.

To project: Virtual power plant and power forecasts for Greek electricity supplier

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