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First Grid Operators Day at emsys

At the first emsys grid services (egs) customer day, the focus was on the topic of grid management (Redispatch 2.0). Almost two years after the Grid Expansion Acceleration Act came into force, egs invited around 50 employees from 25 different distribution system operators to Oldenburg for a professional exchange.

In a series of presentations, the participants were able to learn about power forecasts, redispatch 2.0 optimization or the general mode of operation of grid status analyses, for example. In an interactive workshop on the quality assurance of vertical grid load, the needs of grid operators were highlighted.

The industry meeting initiated by egs offered grid operators the opportunity too to put their relevant topics on the agenda. For example, EWE Netz gave a presentation on the topic of redispatch from the point of view of distribution system operators. The subsequent industry report, on the other hand, took the perspective of those responsible for deployment (EIV).

In addition to the exchange of content on the topic of redispatch 2.0 and the functioning of the egs redispatch system, a deeper insight into the infrastructure of the complete solution was provided. The afternoon ended with topics beyond Redispatch 2.0, such as the research projects Redispatch 3.0 and SPANNeND, in which egs is currently involved.

Last but not least, those interested were able to take part in a guided tour of the company building before the social part began. In summery temperatures, the spacious emsys garden provided the ideal setting to deepen the knowledge gained over drinks and a barbecue buffet or simply to switch off and indulge in the DJ sounds.

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