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Rooftop pv plant

energy & meteo systems provides power forecasts for rooftop pv plants in Vietnam

Since early 2020, energy & meteo systems provides consultancy advice to the GIZ program "Smart Grid for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency" (SGREEE) in Vietnam. Right after the start of the project Vietnam began to install a record-breaking capacity of rooftop pv systems. Driven by an attractive feed-in tariff the installed capacity soared from 378 MW to 9,3 GW until the end of 2020. The Vietnamese power system is now challenged with accurately predicting electricity production from thousands of distributed rooftop pv plants for a seamless integration.

On behalf of SGREEE, energy & meteo systems therefore started to

  • transfer know-how in rooftop pv forecasting to Vietnam
  • deliver in a pilot project rooftop pv forecasts for more than 1 GW of installed capacity

Our day-ahead predictions cover the entire rooftop pv systems in the provinces Dak Lak (520 MW) and Gia Lai (483 MW). Both are located in the South of Vietnam where the power system is particularly struggling with high shares of volatile solar power production. We provide the forecasts to the Power Companies of Dak Lak and Gia Lai, the electricity suppliers in these provinces, for a better visibility and integration of solar power production in their control area.

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