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Redispatch 2.0 - power poles and wind power plantsen und Windenergieanlage

New solution for new challenges in Redispatch 2.0

N-ERGIE Netz GmbH uses flexible software service from energy & meteo systems

The future rules for integrating renewable energies into the grid pose major challenges for German distribution system operators, but also offer scope for new solutions. N-ERGIE Netz GmbH now relies on the new redispatch platform provided by energy & meteo systems as a pure software service.

Nuremberg/Oldenburg, 7 January 2021 – To implement the new Redispatch 2.0 (grid management) requirements, N-ERGIE Netz GmbH, together with energy & meteo systems GmbH, is taking the forward-looking path of software services, also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The Oldenburg-based energy service provider not only provides a comprehensive and modular software solution for all Redispatch 2.0 processes, but also takes over the secure round-the-clock operation. Compared to a costly development and implementation of the software at the customer's site, this approach offers a valuable temporal advantage in view of the start date of 1 October 2021.

"Redispatch 2.0 is a very important topic for us, which follows a very ambitious schedule," says Gerald Höfer, Managing Director of N-ERGIE Netz GmbH. "We have therefore deliberately opted for Software-as-a-Service in order to use processes that have already been implemented and standardized. We got off to a good start working with energy & meteo systems and see the system as a very good addition to our existing processes and systems."

Dr. Ulrich Focken, Managing Director of energy & meteo systems, explains: "We are very pleased about the trust that N-ERGIE Netz has placed in us. We started early on to develop suitable software for the Redispatch 2.0 requirements and we quickly realised that we could also contribute our many years of experience in the field of Software-as-a-Service here. This gives the customer maximum flexibility without the expense of having to upgrade their own IT department."

Convincing software solution with modular structure

The specially developed redispatch system from energy & meteo systems is called FuturePowerFlow. It is based on an innovative software architecture that uses flexibly deployable modules depending on requirements, connecting a wide variety of market players on a common platform. The system thus combines a high degree of functionality, flexibility and security. The software can be installed on-premise, i.e. in the customer's IT landscape, and operated by the customer, or operated and provided by energy & meteo systems as software-as-a-service for the customer.

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