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Virtual Power Plant and battery storage provide system services

10 MW battery connected for flexible usage in overarching markets

Oldenburg, 17 May 2019 – A new battery storage system by the public utility company Bordesholm has, for the first time, reached a primary power control level (FRR) of 10 MW upon its implementation in the Virtual Power Plant by energy & meteo systems. Moreover, the combination of battery and Virtual Power Plant is applicable to other flexibility markets: in addition to FRR, minutes reserve power (mFFR) and secondary balancing power (aFRR) as well as spot market flexibility potentials can be simultaneously delivered.

In this project, the Virtual Power Plant of the energy service provider energy & meteo systems provides the flexibility distribution of different markets and diverse portfolios in the pool of Energie Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH. The affiliate of the power trading company Energi Danmark A/S is currently greatly extending its portfolio and planning to become active in diverse markets in the near future. Battery based storage, with its short reaction time, is advantageous here in servicing all markets. The flexibility controls can be set to cover either several combined power producing sources or individual ones. "The very successful cooperation with energy & meteo systems is the perfect start to our activities on the way to a comprehensive portfolio and to the strengthening of a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply", explains Ferdinand Eggert, managing director at Energie Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH.

"Through the overarching market integration of powerful batteries into Virtual Power Plants, electricity traders can react flexibly to different marketing options and are thus able to supply a short-term increase or decrease in balancing power due to difficult weather conditions, for example. Consequentially, the position of renewable energies in the energy transition is steadily strengthened", states Timo Bushmann, project leader at energy & meteo systems.

The battery at the Bordesholm location is sponsored by the EU, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Federal Government of Germany and the State of Schleswig-Holstein.

About energy & meteo systems GmbH
energy & meteo systems is among the internationally leading providers of power predictions and virtual power plants. Their portfolio consists of wind and solar power predictions for the optimal trading of renewable energy on the electricity exchange and ensuring grid stability. An additional field of business is the software "Virtual Power Plant", connecting decentralized sources of electricity and controllable consumers to different energy grids and markets via a common control center.

About Energie Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH
Energie Vertrieb Deutschland EVD GmbH is an affiliate of Energi Danmark A/S from Aarhus and is in the business of finding interesting energy solutions for the German market. With its comprehensive spectrum of energy products and green electricity, the company has established a name for itself since its founding in 2014 and counts many large and small companies and public contractors among its customers. In addition to economic solutions for acquiring energy, Energie Vertrieb Deutschland also emphasizes its pursuit of strategies and services towards the strengthening of a climate-friendly and sustainable energy economy.

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