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Our Project Archive

Netzsicherheit durch präzise Wettervorhersagen

Optimization of very-short-term ensemble forecasts of renewable power production applied to grid security calculations as an example application.

The aim of the research project is the provision of ancillary services from renewable sources using the virtual power plant.

Optimierte Vorhersagen für Strom aus Photovoltaikanlagen

Improvement of grid integration from solar energy via the optimized forecast and real-time estimation of solar power input.

Die Energiezufuhr für dieses Kühlhaus in Cuxhaven wird über das Virtuelle Kraftwerk gersteuert.

Bundling electricity from renewable energies into a virtual power plant and placing it on the energy market as a marketable product is here explored.

Verbesserung der Windleistungsvorhersage

The research project works towards the improvement of wind power prediction in extreme events and complicated weather conditions.

Umspannwerk is a European-wide research project which developed decision tools for grid operators and electricity providers.